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From the office of Children and Family Services


OCFS has historically sought to make training accessible and cost_effective for its many training populations.  For those required to become Mandated Reporters, however, finding the time to access a synchronous training, either online or in the classroom, has become increasingly difficult.  

To address this issue, OCFS has expanded our Mandated Reporter training offerings to include Self-Directed Online Mandated Reporter Training.   This 2-hour Self-Directed Online Mandated Reporter training application is available 24/7 via the Internet.

A key feature of this application is the division of the curriculum into smaller, more manageable 10-15 minute sections.  The application allows users to bookmark their progress as they complete each section, so they can return to complete the training later, for up to 30 days.   As always, this training also provides both pre and post_class materials, delivered via email, as well as an official Certificate of Attendance delivered via email upon successful completion of the course.


The OCFS self-directed online mandated reporter training program is an interactive, highly visual, multimedia e-Learning application that is fully narrated and includes interactive exercises and video clips. Additional user benefits include:     

• It has been endorsed by SED as the “gold standard” for mandated reporter training.

• The backbone of the curriculum is the current Mandated Reporter legislation. Updates to legislation can be readily included in the online training.  

• Training is available 24/7 over the Internet and can be completed over a period of 30 days (the program saves your progress incrementally). 

• Sections of the training were customized specifically for the following professions: Child Day Care Providers, Law Enforcement, Medical Professionals, Social Services Professionals and School Officials.  

• OCFS provides trainees with a convenient electronic link sending their Certification of Completion information to SED.

Our program is grounded in New York State Social Services Law. It includes real-life case studies and scenarios from professionals in each discipline and focuses on the identification and reporting suspicion to the New York Statewide Central Register for Child Abuse and Maltreatment. It also offers video footage of interviews with families that have benefited from Child Protective involvement and of what happens when a call is made to the Child Abuse Hotline.
This curriculum has been customized for: 

• Medical Professionals

• School Officials

• Social Services Professionals

• Law Enforcement

• Child Day Care Providers 



Individual users can register for the training anytime

Simply click on “Courses Offered,” scroll down to the “Self-Directed Online Training” section and select “Click here to register”.  Upon registration, users will be taken to a screen with their login information and a link to begin the training.  Users will also receive an email with their login information, a link to the training and a packet of pre-class materials.

The Self-Directed Online Mandated Reporter Training is listed in STARS under course title “Mandated Reporter Web-Based Online Training” with a training type of “MR Computer Based Training”.  Once registered, the email address listed in STARS will receive an email with login instructions as well as the standard pre-class materials attached.