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News and Notes

Saratoga Springs Administrator Honored with State Award

Commissioner King Heads to Washington

Education Department Announces 2015 New York State Summer School of the Arts
Program currently accepting applications, auditions begin in January.

SAANYS Enters the Fight to Save Tenure

2016 New York State Teacher of the Year Program

Handouts / Presentation Materials from 2014 Annual Conference

Educational Conference Board Calls Press Conference - Issues Recommendations

Smart Schools Referendum Passes

Governor Cuomo Signs Bills Expanding Access to Emergency Medical Treatment in Schools

Board Of Regents Approves New Graduation Options

Heroin Health Professional and Educational Leader Letter

Smart Schools Referendum Approaching

The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards

SAANYS 2015 Awards Program

The New York State Board of Regents September 2014 Meeting

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SAANYS Intervenes in Violation of Anti-abolishment Clause

Webinar Wednesdays

Back to School Message from SED Commissioner John King

2012-13 APPR Data Available August 28, 2014

SED Announces Release of APPR Data

Academic Intervention Service Requirements for 2014-15

Two Updates: NYSTRS Rates and 2014 3-8 ELA and Math Test Results

SED News Release: State Education Department Releases Grades 3-8 Assessment Results

SED News Release: State Releases 50 Percent of Questions from Grades 3-8 Assessments

Grades 3-8 Assessment Data Released
SED News - 7/23/14

New Deputy Commissioner Appointed

Update: Principal and Teacher APPR Evaluations

SAANYS Spring Opt Out Survey Results

2014-15 New York State Budget Summary

State Board of Regents Acts to Adjust Common Core Implementation

The SAANYS Model for Labor Services: Protection for an Effective Career

APPR Survey

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MentorCoach Service
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AXA Equitable

Liberty Mutual

Educational Vistas, Inc. Increasing Efficiency. Reducing Costs.

Smart TM Extraordinary made simple

Castle Learning Online

McGraw Hill Education

Residential Home Funding

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